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Quality Flooring & Carpets in Edmonton

Is there any better feeling than curling your toes into soft, luxurious carpeting when you step out of bed in the morning? Carpet provides comfort, warmth, and insulation, while also helping absorb sounds and adding style to any room. Paradise Carpets carries a vast range of carpeting styles, colours, and textures available in wall-to-wall, whole room, carpet tile, and area rugs. All Paradise Carpets products are durable and easy to clean, and many brands are soil, stain, static, and odour resistant.

Advantages of Carpeting

Carpeting has many positive qualities for style, functionality, and convenience.

  • Broadloom absorbs sound, an appealing feature for condominiums, town houses, and homes with high ceilings.
  • Yarn construction and surface texture add soft contrast to a room’s angular architecture.
  • As versatile camouflage, carpet can go over any existing floor, with no need for new sub-floor, and it hides uneven surfaces and existing floor damage.
  • Today, carpet is available with soil, stain, odor, and static-resistant features, and manufacturing techniques have increased its durability and cleanability.
  • Carpet has some insulating qualities, helping you save on energy bills.

Our high-quality carpet comes in a range of cuts, including, plush, twist, designer cut-and-loop, modern shag, and berber. To decide which cut is right for you, you’ll have to consider both the style and look you’re trying to achieve, and the practical wear and tear you expect to see. Your decision may be affected by whether you have children and pets, the amount of traffic and use, and where the carpeting is being laid in your home. Our design and product service experts can walk you through the pros and cons of each type of cut, and help you decide what type of carpet you need for different areas of your home or business.

Often, the comfort level you choose for your carpeting is linked to how and where you intend to use it. For example, warmer and softer carpeting is ideal for spaces like bedrooms, while high-traffic areas where people will be wearing socks or footwear are better suited to a firmer surface.

The comfort of your carpeting is linked to several factors, including style, face weight, and under-cushioning. The material used in your carpet also has an impact on comfort. Our carpet brands use various nylon and poly blends for a range of comfort options from plush and luxurious, to firm and durable.

The colour of your carpeting can influence the look of an entire room. Our best brand name carpets like Beaulieu, Mohawk, Kraus, and Shaw come in a variety of colours and patterns to suit any room. Our on-site interior design specialists can help you choose colours to complement your unique style and finishes. We encourage our clients to bring photos and design samples so we can better understand your needs.

Another aspect of colour selection to consider is your estimated wear and tear. Colour consideration is particularly important in high traffic areas, where purposeful patterns and shading can hide evidence of footprints and wearing.

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