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Wood Flooring in Edmonton

Paradise Carpets carries several well-known brands of hardwood flooring, including Lauzon and Appalachian. Hardwood is the ultimate high-end floor covering. It starts out beautiful and improves with age; it reduces allergens in the home; and it’s a natural resource, which means it’s renewable and recyclable! Properly maintained, wood floors can last for decades without needing to be replaced. Hardwood comes in a variety of styles, stains, finishes, and designs, and can be made out of a variety of different woods—mahogany, ash, oak, walnut, cherry, and maple, to name just a few. Colours are also versatile, and can range from pale blonde, to black, to dark cherry red.

Solid hardwood offers a timeless and classic look for your wood floors. Brands like Lauzon and Kahrs offer the best value for solid hardwood, and can be refinished several times, making them among the most durable of hardwood flooring options. At 3/4″, our solid wood options come in a selection of oak, maple, birch, and hickory. Choose to let the beauty of the wood shine through, or select a stain finish to suit any room’s design.

Engineered hardwood floors are growing rapidly in popularity, and it isn’t difficult to see why. This is an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality; often, even a trained eye can’t tell the difference between a solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floor. Another benefit is their increased stability, and a tendency to repel moisture better. We are always sourcing the latest engineered tab flooring options, and premium brand options for the best results.

For those who like fresh and modern options, exotic selections of hardwood flooring add interest to your space. From bamboo, to cork, to leather flooring, we have an incredible range of options that are anything but traditional. Premium brands for our exotic hardwood flooring options include Lauzon and Torlys.

Hardwood Maintenance and Care

Caring for your hardwood floor properly will help increase its durability. To take care of your new hardwood floor, always make sure you:

  • Do not use area rugs on the floor until two months after your hardwood is installed. The effect of sunlight on your floor will cause subtle changes to the color. It is important to be aware of this when using area rugs. Areas of the floor covered by rugs will not age at the same rate as exposed hardwood areas.
  • Do not use rubber backed mats on hardwood. To keep grit off the hardwood floor ,dust, mop, and vacuum regularly.
  • Place felt pads or floor glides on chairs, appliances, and other furniture to prevent scratching.
  • Do not use oil soap, detergent, vinegar or wax products to clean the floor, as they will damage the finish.
  • Lightly mop with approved hardwood floor cleaner as per product instructions. Do NOT use any other floor “appearance enhancers” such as wax or many items sold in grocery stores or hardware stores. Use only cleaning products specifically designed for your floor.

Humidity and Your Hardwood Floor
Solid hardwood products are the most sensitive to humidity changes in your home. A reaction to humidity (or lack of it) is happening constantly in your wood floors. Each floorboard may change dimensions, independently of each other, due to humidity or temperature conditions.

It’s important to maintain the humidity in your home if you have hardwood installed. Unusually dry conditions produced by your heating system can be reduced by the proper use of a humidifier. New Home Warranty suggests a humidity reading of 30% to 40%. Some engineered hardwood products require a higher humidity level, so it’s important to visit the product website to determine what humidity level is appropriate for the flooring installed in your home.

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