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After Sales Service

Ongoing service and maintenance means your flooring will look brand new even 10 years down the road. Our clients are often lifelong clients, and we’re always here to help when you need it.

Repairs & Redo’s
When you purchase flooring through a universal home renovation store, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to resolve issues after the sale and installation of your flooring. As dedicated flooring experts, we are focused on your flooring, allowing us to spend the time on proper after sales services.

Our dedicated service team is available to keep your flooring in great condition. They perform repairs, and can help you understand how to take care of your flooring for better aesthetics.

Our professional steam-cleaning services keep your carpets looking new. We have a close partnership with a trusted expert who has been keeping our clients satisfied for well over ten years.


When you purchase flooring from Paradise, you get the full-package deal. Other companies will give you the run around when it comes to installation and actually getting your new product into place. You can trust that your installation will be smooth and on-time.

Our full-time installation experts have been with us for years. They’re familiar with our specific brands and flooring types, and they’re dedicated to getting the job done right the first time.


At Paradise Carpets, we want your shopping experience to be smooth and fun. It all starts with our spacious, beautiful, and well-stocked showroom, and is led by a sales team with experience and client service skills. We have trained interior designers on hand to ensure the flooring you choose will enhance the aesthetic of your home, office, or project. Come in any time to view and touch the products for yourself, and learn more about how we can connect your needs and budget.

Building Relationships

We work with a variety of quality builders and contractors in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Our quality products, installation, and services have allowed us to maintain strong relationships with clients in the residential and commercial development industry.

Dolce Vita is a homebuilding company serving Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Dolce Vita works with their clients to create stunning homes that reflect care, quality, and spectacular design. Their goal is to instill each Dolce Vita homeowner with a sense of pride and satisfaction in their house. From the master bedroom with the on-suite bathroom, to the kitchen with an island—just like you’ve always wanted—Dolce Vita is about creating homes that people want. They know it’s not just about owning a house; it’s about having a home.

Brookfield Residential is a company of homebuilders and land developers focused on creating outstanding Edmonton homes and communities. It’s all about bringing people together. Whether it’s building stronger families, or turning neighbourhoods into communities, meeting the needs of their clients is what they do best. Since Brookfield Residential believes the most important part of buying a home is being able to be a part of the community around you, this is what they strive to create: a place for people to belong. You get more than a house when you partner with Brookfield Residential; you get a community of likeminded people.

Caliber Master Builder is a homebuilding company invested in the buildings they produce. Being centralized to the Edmonton region, they understand the importance of quality. The safest homes, cutting edge style, and personalized company-client relationships; this is the foundation they build upon. They believe the invested time and effort is always worth it when you see the quality result. It’s not about how many buildings they can put up, or how many houses they can sell, but about how many lives they can change.

Ironstone Home Builders Inc. is a custom homebuilding company focused on creating vivid, stunning, and unique homes for their clients. They are committed to meeting their clients’ needs; from pricing, to planning, to possession, with Ironstone Home Builders it’s all about involving the client in the process. Ironstone Home Builders Inc. believes that buying your ideal home should be an experience you can enjoy! A quality team of builders and designers stand behind every project at Ironstone Home Builders Inc., in order to make your dream a reality. Consider your expectations exceeded.

Royal West Homes Inc. is a community of like-minded homebuilders focused on quality and assurance. They have the experience to back up their promises, so you can know your project is in the best hands possible. Whether a single or multi-family home, Royal West Homes Inc. invests the same amount of time and commitment into client cares and concerns. You can trust their dedicated and experienced team to create something exceptional.

Our Clients

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