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Tile Flooring Edmonton

To create a unique look in any room, consider easy-to-install tiles in a variety of materials, including vinyl, hardwood, bamboo, linoleum, carpet, or Marmoleum. Visit our showroom to view samples of some our most popular styles from premium brands like Azrock, Marmoleum, Forbo, and Tarkett. You’ll be pleased with the durability, value, and look of your new tile flooring from Paradise Carpets.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles ceramic tiles can retain their original look for decades. Made from natural resources that are fired in a kiln, these tiles are often available glazed or unglazed. Once a tile has been put through the glazing process, it becomes extremely durable and resistant to stains and water penetration. Porcelain tiles are particularly durable and scratch-resistant because they are made from a denser material, and fired at a higher temperature.

Carpet tiles – also called modular carpets – are squares of carpeting that come in various sizes for easy installation and a bold, modern look. They’re a great alternative to the more conventional carpet roll, and are often well-suited to commercial environments. Carpet tiles are simple to clean and maintain; individual tiles can be removed for a deep clean, or for replacement.

Vinyl tile is a great choice for any home or office. It’s durable, easy to install, and comes in an endless array of colours, styles, and patterns. Vinyl tiles are often manufactured to look and feel like hardwood, stone, or ceramic tile, at a fraction of the cost! Another advantage is their durability; vinyl tiles stand up to regular wear and tear because they are manufactured with identical layers, so the colouring remains the same even when worn down. You can easily get the look you want, for a price you’ll love!

Paradise Carpets offers speciality tiling options like granite, glass, and stone. These unique tiles give a distinctive look to any room. For instance, glass tiles reflect light, drawing the eye for a glamorous feature. Soft stone tiles have a natural and earthy look, while also being more soft and comfortable underfoot. Granite tiles are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and long-lasting. Visit our showroom to learn more about stone and specialty tiles, and how they can make a difference in your home or office.

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